Unlocking Artistic Brilliance: The Unparalleled Impact of Lyric Videos on Music Promotion

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, artists find themselves constantly seeking innovative ways to captivate audiences and elevate their brand presence. One often overlooked gem in the realm of digital marketing is the lyric video. In this blog post, we'll delve into the pivotal role lyric videos play in the success of artists and why they have become an indispensable tool for effective music promotion in the age of SEO dominance.


1. Enhanced Visibility in Search Engines:

- Google's algorithms prioritize multimedia content, making lyric videos a potent tool for artists to increase their online visibility.
- By incorporating relevant keywords in the video title, description, and tags, artists can optimize their lyric videos for search engines, ensuring a higher ranking on Google and other search platforms.


2. Extended Reach on Social Media

- Lyric videos are shareable, engaging content that resonates well with social media users.
- Social media platforms play a crucial role in driving traffic and increasing an artist's online presence. By sharing lyric videos, artists can encourage fans to share their content, resulting in a viral spread and heightened visibility across different online communities.


3. Storytelling and Connection

- Lyric videos provide a unique opportunity for artists to tell a visual story that complements their music.
- Utilizing compelling visuals, animations, and typography, artists can enhance the emotional connection between their audience and their music, fostering a deeper understanding of the song's meaning.


4. Diverse Content for Fans

- Today's audience craves diversity in content consumption. Lyric videos offer a fresh and visually appealing way for fans to engage with an artist's work.
- Including lyric videos in an artist's content strategy not only caters to different preferences but also provides fans with a more immersive experience.


5. Boosted Fan Engagement and Loyalty

- Lyric videos encourage active fan participation, as viewers often sing along and share their interpretations of the song's meaning.
- This heightened engagement builds a sense of community around the artist, fostering loyalty among fans who feel a personal connection with both the music and its visual representation.


6. Monetization Opportunities

- Lyric videos, when created and promoted strategically, can open doors to additional revenue streams for artists.
- By monetizing lyric videos on platforms like YouTube, artists can generate income through advertising, sponsorships, and partnerships, further supporting their artistic endeavors.


In the era of digital dominance, artists must leverage every available tool to stand out and make a lasting impact. Lyric videos, with their ability to enhance SEO, expand social media reach, tell compelling stories, and foster fan engagement, have emerged as an indispensable asset for musicians seeking to leave an indelible mark on the global stage. Embrace the power of lyric videos and unlock a new dimension of success in your music career.

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Bringing Lyrics to Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Lyric Video Production

Are you an artist or part of a music label looking to create a killer lyric video for your latest track? A well-produced lyric video can not only promote your song but also build your brand and provide a unique experience for your fans.

With the rise of streaming services and social media platforms, lyric videos have become a crucial part of the music industry with popular artists like Post Malone and Taylor Swift following the trend. A well-executed lyric video can go a long way in connecting with your audience and help them memorize your song. Lyric Videos can be simple or complex, depending on the artist's vision and budget.

In this guide, I'll take you through the steps to bring your vision to life and make a lyric video that'll stand out. So, let's get started!


Step 1: Determine the Concept & Storyboard

First things first, you need to determine the concept for your lyric video and create a storyboard. This concept should align with the theme and style of your song and the storyboard should outline the flow of the video, including the placement of the lyrics and any additional visual elements. So, take a moment to think about what makes your song unique and the kind of visual experience you want to create for your audience.


Step 2: Visualize the Video

Now that you have a concept in mind, it's time to decide on the visuals for your lyric video. These visuals can range from simple typography to intricate animations and should complement the lyrics and enhance the viewing experience. Incorporating your album artwork or images that match the lyrics is a popular trend.

The background imagery of your lyric video is an important aspect that can make your completed video stand out. A popular free website to find high-quality stock photos and videos that you can use in your video is Pexels. If you're willing to spend a little bit of money to take your video to the next level you can try Pond5.  No matter where you source your material from, keep in mind the mood you want to convey and choose visuals that fit that vibe.

Step 3: Choose the Typography

The typography in your lyric video showcases the lyrics, so choose a font that's legible and fits the style of your song. The color, size, and animation of the text should make it easy for your audience to read and not distract from the lyrics. So, avoid fonts that are too ornate or difficult to read as they can take away from the viewing experience. A great place to find free specialty fonts that you can use in your video is 1001 Free Fonts. Additionally, Google Fonts is another good option for more traditional fonts.


Step 4: Animate the Lyrics

Animating the lyrics by hand using keyframes will add a dynamic element to your lyric video. Use a program like Adobe After Effects that has all of the tools required to create stunning animations from scratch. Choose animations that complement the song and don't distract from the lyrics. The animation should enhance the viewing experience and not take away from it. For example, if your song is fast and upbeat, your animations should reflect that. You can animate your lyrics to pop up on screen quickly on beat with the song or fade in slowly if it is a slower song. The important thing when animating is to consider the style of your song, the mood you want to convey, and the pacing of the video.

Typography Animation in Adobe After Effects


Step 5: Sync Music to the Lyrics

Now, make sure your song audio file is exported in a high-quality format (.WAV) so that it won't lose quality when it's exported again in the finished video later. Bring the song into your animation program and make sure it is synced perfectly with the typography. A well-synced audio track will provide a seamless viewing experience for your audience and keep their attention on the lyrics.


Step 6: Choose Your Color Palette

The color palette of your lyric video can help set the tone and mood. Choose colors that fit the style of your song and complement the visuals and typography. A consistent color palette will give your lyric video a professional look and feel, and help tie all the elements together. Consider the mood you want to convey and choose colors that fit that vibe.


Step 7: Put it All Together

Now that you have all the elements in place, it's time to put it all together. Use video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro to assemble the video, including the audio, visuals, typography, and animation. Make sure the video flows smoothly and the elements work together to create the desired effect.


Step 8: Revisions & Final Touches

Before you publish your lyric video, take some time to review it and make any necessary revisions. Does the video align with your concept and storyboard? Are the audio and visuals synced correctly? Do the typography and animation enhance the viewing experience? If not, make the necessary revisions.


Step 9: Share & Promote

Now that your lyric video is complete, it's time to share it with the world! Upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and post it on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. If you have an official website, be sure to upload your video there too. A well-promoted lyric video will help you be successful in building your brand and provide a unique experience for your fans, so make sure you put your best foot forward. Also, don't forget to thank your audience for their support.



In conclusion, a well-produced lyric video can be a powerful tool for promoting your music and connecting with your audience. By following these steps, you'll be able to create a lyric video that stands out and enhances the viewing experience for your fans.

We also understand that a great lyric video can be time-consuming to produce. Here at MP Media, we offer custom Lyric Video Production that fits the budget needs of artists of all sizes. Contact us for a Free Quote on your project, or learn more about our Lyric Video Production services. We can help you create an amazing lyric video that your audience will love.

How to Promote Your Next Single with a Custom Lyric Video

In the age of streaming, releasing singles regularly is essential for keeping your fans engaged. There are many different marketing strategies that can be used to release a single, but a surefire way to promote your brand and reach new audiences is to make a custom animated lyric video.


A major reason is videos combine both audio and attractive visuals to create an engaging experience that makes your song more memorable to your viewers. Let’s dive a bit deeper into three more reasons, and then I'll tell you how to make your lyric videos more engaging.


1. Lyric Videos Make Great Social Media Content

Lyric videos are a great way to tease your next big album release! Not only do they spread the word about your upcoming album or EP but your most engaged fans and followers will start memorizing the lyrics to your song right away.

You can tease your new music even further by posting short excerpts of the lyrics to build anticipation. This is not only more visually engaging for your fans, but is also a great teaser to hear the rest of the song!

Social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook are filled with posts every day from musicians looking to show off their new music. Lyric Videos are a great way to cut through the noise and get people to notice YOUR new song.


2. Lyric Videos Create Engagement

Fans love reading the lyrics to songs that they like. They appreciate it even more if the lyrics are animated on the screen along with related visuals in a lyric video.

Lyrics allow fans and listeners to understand your point of view and your narrative a little bit better with every new song, and that’s worth its weight in gold in terms of engaging people in a meaningful, lasting way.

When shared on Facebook or YouTube, people also love commenting under lyric videos—they can tag their friends to check it out, share quotes and lyrics, and even discuss the meaning behind the lyrics. Lyric videos give you the chance to create buzz around your music that you might not normally have had if only released an audio track.

Here is an example of a lyric video that I created for artist Manafest for their song "Firestarter - Remix". This video received a lot of engagement from their fans who loved the look and feel of the video and how it related to the song.

3. Lyric Videos are Easy to Create and Require Minimal Budget

While most music videos take time to plan, schedule, shoot, and likely require a considerable budget to make, lyric videos are easy to make and they have relatively no cost, except for the video editing program and possibly the cost of stock footage.

You can easily create lyric videos in a free editor like iMovie but I personally create all of my videos in Adobe After Effects, which allows me to have the most tools possible to create a professional-looking video.

Since we’re talking about how to create an interesting and professional-looking lyric video, here are some tips for making it great, from my own experience!


Brainstorm Ideas Early On

What I like to do before making any lyric video is spend time coming up with ideas based on the specific song I am working with. I try to find lyric videos of a similar genre and see how I can make the lyric video stand out from those once it's uploaded to YouTube. When you’re looking for a concept for your lyric video, it should be simple, attractive, and relevant to the song.

Use Stock Videos and Photos to Bring Your Video to Life

Next, after you’ve identified your concept, I would suggest using some keywords to express your vision of the video. You can search royalty-free stock videos (and still photos) using these keywords— Pexels and Unsplash are both excellent free resources for images to incorporate into your lyric video. Websites like Shutterstock or Videoblocks are great paid options for a more premium look.

Of course, you can also go out and shoot your own stock video material. With new smartphones, almost everyone has a professional-grade camera in their pocket.

In this Lyric Video I created for artist Bloodspits, I used stock video to set the mood and theme for their song "He Folded".

Final thoughts

Lyric Videos are an excellent way to promote your new song and attract new fans to your music for years to come. If you find that you simply don't have time to create your own lyric video and edit it yourself, don't worry! There are plenty of professional video editors online that can work with you to design a completely custom lyric video that meets your expectations!

Here at MP Media, we make it easy to release Custom Lyric Videos with stunning visuals that fit the theme and style of your music. We work with you to design a 100% custom video for your specific song. Just tell us the look and feel you are going for and we'll make it happen in under 2 weeks!

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Why YOU Need A Lyric Video As An Artist in 2021

In the age of digital music, it is essential to consistently release singles to keep your fans entertained. Engagement is more necessary than ever to gain followers on popular social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Your fans expect the best content from you; In order to remain relevant you need to appear on their timelines. So, how do you engage fans with fresh content? Consider releasing your own animated lyric video. Lyric video production is a great tool for promoting new music with stunning visuals. Fans love to sing along with their favorite songs. Additionally, a fresh lyric video can be captivating from a visual perspective. Here are a few reason why YOU need a lyric video in 2021.

YouTube Is #1 For Music Discovery

YouTube has become the best place to discover and share new music so it’s essential that your music is available there. Since YouTube is a video platform, it’s important to pair your great new song with an equally great video. Don’t settle for a basic video with only your album cover as a background. A custom produced Lyric Video interprets the message of your lyrics with engaging visuals.

Lyric Videos are Affordable

If you are deciding between producing a music video or a lyric video for your song, production cost is an important factor to consider. Lyric videos are a much cheaper alternative to traditional music videos and you can save as much as 50% of the cost. Although the cost savings are impressive, you won’t have to compromise on beautiful visuals that match the theme and style of your song. Here at MP Media, we create custom lyric videos for you that fit your budget for a s little as $149. Contact Us for a free quote within 24 hours!

Lyric Videos are Faster to Create

If you want to release your new single as quickly as possible, lyric video production is often the fastest option. Most lyric videos can be finished in as little as 1 week, with more complex videos taking about 2 weeks.

Not everyone has the time or skills required to create a professional lyric video. Not everyone is a video designer or has their own production team. Don’t worry! MP Media has been creating high quality professional lyric videos for Artists for over 5 years! With prices starting as low as $149 we can work with any budget. Typography and designs will range from basic lyric videos to advanced animated lyric video. Reach out for a free consultation to get started today!