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Promote Your Music with a Custom Lyric Video

In the age of digital music, it is essential to consistently release singles to keep your fans entertained. Engagement is more necessary than ever to gain followers on popular social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Your fans expect the best content from you. So, how do you engage fans with fresh content? Consider releasing your own animated lyric video. Lyric video production is a great tool for promoting new music with stunning visuals. Fans love to sing along with their favorite songs. MP Media is here to transform your lyrics into captivating visual masterpieces.

How It Works

1. Consultation

Reach out to us!

We'll respond within 24 hours by email to discuss your music, budget, style, and vision for your video.

2. Editing

Sit back and relax as we bring your vision to life with skillful editing and creative flair.

Check your email for progress updates as your video is created.

3. Revisions

Give us your feedback. We make revisions until you are thrilled with the final result.

We include 3 hours of free revisions with every project.

4. Delivery

Receive your Custom Lyric Video in as soon as 1 week!

Your video is ready for sharing and promotion on all social platforms.

Why Choose MP Media?

💡 Collaborative Process

We work closely with you to understand your vision. From the initial concept to the final edit, MP Media ensures that your ideas are seamlessly integrated into your lyric video, resulting in a video that exceeds expectations.

🚀 Express Your Identity

Your brand is important, and we believe your lyric videos should reflect it. MP Media ensures that every lyric video not only visually elevates your music but also aligns seamlessly with your artist persona, helping you stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

🎨 Tailored Visuals

We specialize in creating custom lyric videos that perfectly match the mood and style of your song. Immerse your audience with powerful visuals, dynamic typography and vibrant animations. We bring your lyrics to life in ways that leave a lasting impression.

📈 Engagement Amplified

Increase engagement on social media, streaming platforms, and beyond with lyric videos that enthrall your audience. Boost your online presence and connect with fans on a deeper level through the power of visuals.

What Our Clients Say

MP Media has completed dozens of projects for me and continues to exceed my expectations with professionalism, patience, timing, and understanding. MP Media always goes above and beyond with whatever project your working on to ensure you have the best quality media. Thank you for making my content stand out. 100% satisfied.

Albert Surabian Avatar Albert Surabian

Positive: Professionalism ,  Quality Did far better than I imagined, and responded within 24 hours from every time I replied.

GrilledWaffle Avatar GrilledWaffle

great attention to detail, quick service, would recommend

Miguel Perez Avatar Miguel Perez

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept PayPal which can be paid with any credit card, debit, or PayPal account. For Lyric Videos, we take a 50% deposit payment before work begins and the remaining 50% before the final video is delivered.

If you are unable to pay using PayPal, please Contact Us to discuss payment alternatives.

Our standard delivery time is 7-14 days for most lyric video production. We send a partial preview about halfway into the process. This allows you to review the progress and make any changes or suggestions.

We also send a finished preview of the the video for you to review to ensure that you are satisfied with the completed video before making the final payment.

Once the video invoice has been completely paid for, 100% of the rights to the video are automatically transferred to you.

Post the finished video anywhere! (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Personal Website, etc).