Picture of Michael Peret, Video Editor and Motion Graphics Designer at MP Media

Michael Peret

Hello! I’m Michael Peret, a 26-year-old Professional Video Editor and Motion Graphics Designer from Western Massachusetts.

Growing up, I always had an interest in creating videos. In 2009, I started posting videos to YouTube on my channel BuildItFilmItM. While this channel was mostly focused on video games, creating and uploading videos regularly really helped me to hone my skills as a video editor and get better over time. Eventually, the channel reached over 25,000 Subscribers and nearly 3 Million total video views.

In 2017 while studying Digital Media in college, I started MP Media which allowed me to begin working professionally with clients. The following year in 2018, I graduated from college with my degree in Digital Media Production.

When I’m not working on creating videos for clients one of my favorite things to do is get outside and ride my bike on one of the many rail trails in Western Ma. The Columbia Greenway Rail Trail is my favorite trail to ride on and is pictured in the header for this page. This former rail line turned paved trail stretches over 30 miles from Westfield, Massachusetts into Northern Connecticut.