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Video Editing and Post Production Services

Video Editing

Upload your raw video clips to our secure Google Drive folder. Then we'll professionally edit your video from start to finish.

Color Correction

Included with our video editing service, we color correct your footage if needed to ensure your finished video looks its best!

Audio Enhancement

Included with our video editing service, we use the latest audio compression and noise-reduction software to make your finished video sound just as good as it looks.

Titles & Captions

We can add animated titles to your video to make a visual impact. We can also add subtitles to make your video accessible for hearing-impaired viewers.

Effects & Animation

We can enhance your video with stock footage, animated graphics, and chroma key green screen footage.

Video Upload

We export your video in the optimal format for wherever you plan to share it.  We offer video upload to all social platforms, and take care of writing quality descriptions and tags for proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Video Post Production Samples

What Makes Us Different

Personal Service

All of our Videos are custom-crafted for each client. No templates here! We create a video that meets your vision and include our own creative ideas.

Fast Turnaround

We work fast and efficiently to edit your video in as little as 2 Business Days. We provide project updates regularly through email.

Free Revisions

We include 3 Hours of Free Revisions with every project, to ensure your video is exactly how you envisioned it.