This past year I have served as the primary video editor and SEO manager for the Danye Phillips channel on YouTube. Danye is an ACE certified personal trainer and nutrition expert that prides herself on helping her clients transform their lives through exercise and proper nutrition. She launched her YouTube channel as a way to reach more people around the world and empower them to take the first step on their health and fitness journeys. Her engaging travel vlogs, nutrition videos, and workout videos give people the tools they need to make positive changes in their lives.

Danye’s goal was to upload a new video once per week but due to her busy schedule, she had a difficult time meeting that goal. Since then, I have worked in constant communication with her to maintain a consistent video upload schedule. Through phone calls and email, we plan out content a month in advance and I send weekly reminders to ensure scheduled videos stay on track. I have consistently met Danye’s Friday upload schedule every week that we have been working together. I was also responsible for creating consistent branding across all of her videos with proper thumbnail design and SEO tagging.